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"An Ocean Of Masterpieces"--Metal Perspective

"Emerald was so perfect it almost made me weep... Lynott himself would have approved"

"After I listened to the CD I felt as if I had been to a Lizzy concert!"--Philomena Lynott

"Phil would approve..."

"Sounds nice, instrumentally really good" -- Strutterzine

"Thin Lizzy fans will be thrilled with the respectful and faithful renditions of Thin Lizzy classics, while fans of Rude Awakening and fans new to either band will find something worth seeking out in both. Not your typical tribute album, "A Tribute To Thin Lizzy" stands head and shoulders above the rest, due to Rude Awakening's genuine respect, admiration and loyalty to Thin Lizzy." --R. Scott Bolton

"Any band attempting a tribute has a heavy responsibility to ensure it is done
with the respect this most important but these days oft-overlooked
Irish group deserves. Rude Awakening has all but
totally succeeded with A Tribute to Thin Lizzy. " -- Soundcellar

"A nice homage--it's tough to find fault with this record!" --Metal Archives

"The guys managed to reborn the spirit of the Irish stars! It does not matter that the sound is a bit heavier, but the rest is reproduced with the maximum exactness including specifics of the guitar sound.
If you want to get to know Rude Awakening's music, it is not the album to start with. But it is a very useful collection record for all lovers of Thin Lizzy and good music in general." -- Speed N

"Not even one measure into the intro of "Jailbreak" and you can tell Rude Awakening knows their
Thin Lizzy. In fact, they know it so well they have been asked by Philomena Lynott to perform at the
2nd annual Philip Lynott Statue Celebration. An after hearing this CD you can see why,
they drill every note with 100% accuracy!!!" --Blast Magazine

"This is a great collection and sincere tribute to one of the true pioneers of hard rock"- Hard Rock Haven

"Sounds awesome. All the classic harmony leads are in place and
singer Mitch Urban pulls off one hell of a Phil Lynott - Metal Observer

"I have to admit I actually liked some renditions and enjoyed listening to the album a great deal!" --ROCKREPORT.BE

"The result is a thirteen track collection of some of the best Thin Lizzy tracks, including those well-known and not so well-known, performed by a band that not so much wants to emulate the classic band's sound but DUPLICATE it. Every track on this tribute CD is played note-for-note how the original band played it and it's played well. It's almost as though the original band was around to to re-record these tracks with modern equipment and just a little more distortion in the guitars." --ROUGHEDGE.COM

"Soaring, scathing and melodic, this CD can have your ears peeled back. A competent,
rocking tribute to the Irish mega-group of the 70's." --Reviewer Magazine

"It's an album of which even Phil Lynott would be proud" --Thoughts Of Metal

"This album isn't a joke. Maybe Rude Awakening knows something I don't!"

"Delivers high quality interpretations consistently throughout" --All Access Magazine

"The production is perfect and they play the songs the way they were meant to be
played and this is just ass kickin rock n roll
from one of the most criminally ignored bands of the 70's/80's. Phil would be proud guys and
you brought a smile to my face too. This is an awesome release!"-- Metal Core

"Rude Awakening's versions are really all class and sound very near to the original"

"Accurately and truly represents the songwriting and performance values
of the original Irish band." --Rock Aces

"Rude Awakening are a tight veteran act that breathe a new life and sound
into some music that influenced so many"

"Very good tribute album"

"Rude Awakening seems to find their natural home with these brilliant songs. The pumped-up production
gives some of the songs that extra bit of beef they lacked in the old days..." --Rock United

"If you're a hardcore Thin Lizzy fan then you'd probably want this one in your collection too..."

"Yeah, I enjoyed it. More than once. I don’t think I’d admit to a half dozen times,
even if… well, actually seven times." --Martin Popoff, Bravewords and Bloody Knuckles

"I just listened to the entire CD and I love every bit of it!" --Doc Tremor Radio Show,








Rude Awakening was asked by Philomena to headline the 2nd Annual Philip Lynott Statue Memorial Celebration
August 18th in Dublin, Ireland.

Rude Awakening guitarist John Goodwin received a platinum award for his guitar work on the James Blunt album
from Linda Perry at the Chateau Marmont tonight 11-16-06

Super High Quality, pictures of Rude Awakening onstage!! Check it out!

Rude Awakening


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"Wild One" - Live At Slattery's -- Wild One.mp3

This message was left on our Rude Awakening hotline after a show we played at a juvenile correctional facility in Virginia back in 1987. Seems they didn't like our style of entertainment... Guaranteed to chill you to the bone!! -- Delinquent-Voices.mp3 750k

Ever have a fellow/former band member turn out to be a child molester?
No, I didn't think so... -video

VIDEO: - more at

Emerald 22MB

The Bell 24MB


The Quickening

Live at the Phil Tribute Concert
Sha La La 20MB

TV Interview with Rude Awakening -
Rude Interview 33mb

all files iPod video format

Scaring the Paper PeopleiTunes Music

HeadbutteriTunes Music

These previous releases have now been re-mastered, and released digitally via CD Baby and iTunes


In 1998, Rude Awakening traveled to Ireland to pay respect and perform at the original Vibe for Philo. Check our Live! page, or our own London & Ireland Recap page for the details. Also, check the Phil Lynott page for details on the brand new Phil Lynott Memorial Show - VIDEO

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